Group classes

In our classes we explore techniques, body mechanics and the possibilities Tango music offers to create our dance.

We focus on Tango Salón, the social way of dancing in a shared space, thus, we work with the dancers “in context” respecting the navigation and the environment. 

In the group classes we divide the time for studying Tango and Milonga, although we eventually also work with Waltz music.

In addition to our teaching method, the good atmosphere and sense of communication that prevails within the groups allows the students to feel the support and playfulness that helps every learning process to be an enjoyable one.

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Clases Privadas
Grupos reducidos

In a private class we evaluate the students and we listen to their particular interests. With this information we elaborate a work plan to improve the students’ way of dancing.

In 1 hour sessions we work on techniques, balance, walking, disassociation, body mechanics, ability to lead/follow, musicality, and expressiveness. 

The two of us work together with the students to offer a complete “diagnose” both from the  inside and the outside of the dancing couple. This way the students can improve the way their dance looks, and most important, the way it feels.

If you don’t want the exposure of a large class, small groups are the perfect option to combine a fast way of learning in an intimate atmosphere, with the possibility of testing your skills with other dancers of your same level.

We coordinate small groups to focus on each student’s special needs, and also finding common issues to work on, consolidating the concepts.

This small groups -of no more than 4 couples- are the perfect way to come into Tango for those who are trying their first steps, but still feel intimidated by the big scene of the dance floor. They are also of great help for those who want to improve on specific areas of their dance together with companions that share the same interests.

To ensure the time slots, private and semi private classes must be scheduled in advance.

Cancelation policy: If you need to cancel, it must be at least 24 hours before the lesson so it can be reschedule at no charge. If cancellation occurs later, the cancelled lesson must be paid in full.

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