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va la frase dulce..."

Here we share some thoughts and comments people have made about our classes and demos throughout the years.

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Previous comments

"A pesar que nos conocemos hace relativamente poco,saben del aprecio, del respeto y de la valoración que tengo por ambos. Recién hoy he tenido el tiempo de leer sus trayectorias y no dejan de sorprenderme. Son dos profesionales de excelencia, pero son aún mucho más dos seres humanos excepcionales. Son verdaderos embajadores de la cultura y del tango argentino. Gracias por eso."

Silvia Briceño
Milonguera porteña

“Not only did I find them to be friendly, kind and generous individuals, but also I found them to be exceptionally fine teachers and dancers. Furthermore, I continually heard from the students how much they like María and Gustavo. Those who took their classes mentioned to me how pleased they were that I had hired them and mentioned María and Gustavo’s exceptional ability to explain the essence and nuances of Argentine tango”.

Clay Nelson, Oregon
Organizer of Valentango, Portland Tango Festival, Turkey Tango Festival and “Fiesta de Tango” (México)

“I have had the great pleasure to be a student and teacher of many subjects over my lifetime. I have taught tennis to children, molecular biology to college students, neurology to doctors, yoga, sailing and flying trapeze to anyone. So I have experienced many many teachers.
You both possess the rare ability to communicate difficult information kinesthetically, auditory and visually.
I respect many teachers only begrudgingly, however your mere presence creates respect.
...you both demonstrate the graceful humility that is the sign of true mastery.
Thank you for the opportunity to learn more about being a good teacher in one hour than I have in 40 years.”

Zail Khalsa, Los Angeles, California
Published on Facebook, January 2014

“El disfrute en el rostro de María al bailar muestra que tiene delante de ella un bailarín "de los de antes"... y el respeto mutuo con que se manejan, hacen de esta una pareja especial. Gustavo, un placer siempre escucharte y gracias por el afecto.”

Juan Facundo Novillo,
Bailarín profesional, publicado en Facebook, 11/04/2014

“It is a rare gift to maintain high standards in a complex discipline while teaching many levels of learners. Even rarer is the ability to do this with humor and warmth. Gustavo and María, in my estimation, possess these gifts and share them generously.”

Dr. Abby Hansen, Boston, Massachusetts.
Harvard Ph.D on educational consulting.

“Gustavo and Maria were absolutely amazing, graceful, generous, knowledgeable and tolerant. What fabulous instructors!”

Parvin, Minneapolis
San Miguel de Allende “Fiesta de Tango 2013” evaluation survey.

“I had the great pleasure of meeting Maria & Gustavo through a tango Workshop several years ago. Since that time, Whenever they come to the U.S., I make sure I take workshops and private lessons from them, wherever they are, as they rank amongst the best in the field. Their style, their artistry and creativity on the dance floor is extraordinary and like poetry in motion. They literally Hoat across the room.
Their teaching style is both kind and compassionate, and imparts the knowledge in a Way that instills skill and conñdenee. I regard them the best ofthe best.”

Dale Mason Cochran
Los Angeles, California

“As a former teacher, coach and instructor myself, I can attest to Maria and Gustavo’s precision, good will and brilliance in conveying their valuable talents. Not only are they great people, but they embrace their members of each class as if they are family. .exactly what the world needs more of. I have taken lessons from dozens of instructors along the east coast of the United States but none as easy with their delivery and as easy to learn from.”

Michael A. Mallory, Charlottesville VA
Presidente Fundación Ron Brown

“The class they gave was outstanding. Their knowledge and professionalism was way beyond standard. They are truly maestros of Argentine Tango. The students were absolutely delighted with the class and most of them have taken many private lessons after that and got to know them and love them even more”
I also had the opportunity to see Gustavo and María’s performance at Confitería Ideal, a ballroom in Buenos Aires where only the best professionals attain to perform, and it was exceptional. Their technique, musicality and choreography were impeccable.”

Marcelo Solís.
Argentine tango dancer and teacher based in San Francisco, California


“Gustavo y María son únicos en cuanto a la educación en su campo... Ambos poseen un entendimiento cultural y la habilidad de comunicarlo apasionadamente  a los tangueros que no son Argentinos. Gustavo y María conocen a la vez los códigos del tango tradicional y tienen la sensibilidad de adaptarlos a las necesidades de estos tiempos en cualquier lugar. Su base técnica es excelente y su pedagogía es organizada y entretenida.”

Laurel y Gene Leverton, Portland, Oregon

“Gustavo and María are uniquely educated in their field… They both have a cultural understanding and an ability to passionately communicate it invaluable to non-Argentine tangueros. Gustavo and María have both a knowledge of traditional codes of dance floor etiquette and a sensibility to sort out current needs and thought to make these codes usable today, anywhere… Their technical base is excellent, and their pedagogy is organized and entertaining.”

Laurel and Gene Leverton, Portland, Oregon

“I feel the very grounded, educated, yet "traditional" BsAs salon tango of Gustavo & Maria was so very valuable in a new and young festival with a slight predilection toward the nuevo side. It is important to know where this dance came from. I also appreciated their insistence on awareness of navigation and technique. One cannot be creative without a solid technical base and the room (provided by skillful navigation and courtesy, not big venues) to have a nice dance.”

Anonymous, Ashland, Oregon
TurkeyTango Festival 2009 Evaluation form.

“A video by Maria Olivera on follower's technique has been incredibly helpful to me.
The exercises have helped my balance tremendously. I recommend watching and following the exercises without any witnesses the first time. While Maria looks beautifully stable and solid doing the exercises, I looked like I was failing a road side sobriety test.”

From the blogspot http://www.mytangodiaries.com/

“As I have taken classes from multiple teachers, I feel as though I am qualified to proclaim Maria and Gustavo’s extraordinary ability as tango dancers and teachers. They are deeply knowledgeable in their craft, exhibiting the highest level of teaching and performance that I have witnessed in my own tango career. In addition to his dancing, what makes Gustavo’s contributions unique to the tango community is his ongoing research into the history of the dance which he in turn shares with his students during classes. Maria has the amazing ability to create unique exercises that refine a dancer’s technique, which I can attest personally pushed my own dancing to the next level. They have published multiple books and videos on the subjects of tango history and technique.
“Maria and Gustavo’s mastery of Milonga is arguably the best in the world and makes them invaluable to the tango community. Their reputation as transformational tango teachers is so prominent that I know of many people, myself included, who will travel at great lengths to take classes from these gifted teachers. For example, I will be traveling at least six hours this winter for the privilege of having these two as my instructors. I can truly say without a doubt that Maria and Gustavo are two of the best dancers and teachers in the world of Tango today.”

Christina Butler, Phoenix, Arizona
Middle School Science Teacher

“The third workshop each day was handled by MITM’s pros from Buenos Aires, Gustavo Benzecry Saba and Maria Olivera. This dynamic couple from BsAs had energy to burn! Within the first few minutes of each class we were walking out the rhythm’s that would be used for the combination’s to be taught in that workshop. This was followed by a breakdown of the material for the lead and follow, and then partnering up for practice.
Of course Gustavo and Maria did some beautiful exhibitions throughout the weekend, and proved to be very approachable, answering questions and dancing with as many as time would allow, they are what I would call, a class act.”

From the blogspot http://tangopowers.wordpress.com/2009/09/

“It was the greatest weekend I have had for a long time attending a workshop. María Olivera & GustavoBenzecry Sabá are a breath of fresh air in the tango world today! I hope lots of dancers recognize how precious and essential their lessons are!!! Alan and I enjoyed every second of it immensely.”

Shahin Medghalchi, Santa Fe, New Mexico
Publicado en Facebook, Diciembre 2013

"Gustavo and Maria's classes were delightful---filled with useful, fun, and novel insights. Also, their genuine, warm friendliness exemplifies the best of Argentina.”

Anon, Portland, Oregon,
Valentango 2008 Survey

“Very few teachers possess the communication skills, personal warmth and commitment to their students that are demonstrated by María and Gustavo”

Elizabeth Hensley, Seattle, Washington

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